CrossFit Classes

All of our CrossFit Classes are structured and are run by a qualified, enthusiastic and experienced trainer. Each class generally consists of a strength component ie; squat, deadlift, press, Olympic Lift and/or gymnastic skill work followed by the Workout Of the Day (WOD). The WOD will test you on varying levels of fitness, be thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. These classes run for approximately 60mins and are structured and programed for you to gain the strength and fitness you need to support a long and healthy life. If you are new to CrossFit it is a prerequisite to complete our Fundamentals (see below) class to give yourself the best foundations for a strong future at Crossfit Urge.


A specific class strictly programmed for training the Olympic lifts. These classes focusing on the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk and are designed solely around developing these movements and the components of fitness essential for these lifts. This class is a great opportunity to develop and enjoy the more technical lifts performed in CrossFit.

CrossFit Fundamentals

This class is a must for beginners to CrossFit as it provides an opportunity to develop the 9 functional movements of CrossFit and other common movements  before attending a CrossFit Class (see above). There are 17 different CrossFit movements taught over the three sessions ranging from pull-ups, ring dips and handstand pushups to front squats, power cleans and power snatches. This class is by appointment only and is capped to maximise your learning experience.

*48 hours notice must be given before attending these classes*


A 30min period before each class allocated for improving range of motion in areas of your body that are limiting you from reaching your optimal potential. It is also a great opportunity to perform basic maintenance on your body and a great prevention of injury. Our coaches will be there on hand to help with, or point out any issues that need to be addressed to assist you with your goals.

Free Trail

This is a chance for anyone new to come and experience CrossFit Urge for the first time. It is also a great opportunity to learn a few body weight basics and enjoy a great CrossFit staple workout.

No wallet required!


Crossfit urge is for everyone regardless of fitness level, age, gender, or experience.
We provide a range of classes to meet everybody's unique requirements

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