Iris, A New Inspiration!

A New Inspiration

Last Friday I was introduced to Iris, who came in for our 'FREE Friend Friday'. She had never done CrossFit before, but told me that she had just about watched every video of Rich Froning (I could relate) and was very curious how she would go in a class environment.

Iris was recently in an accident and informed me that her legs had since "forgotten how to jump". She said so with a smile on her face as if not to let it dampen her spirit.

Funnily enough our Friday program started out with a Max height box jump... Iris looked confused and un-easy, I thought "This is perfect!". After a brief chat and explanation of scaling options Iris was not going to let her 'forgetful legs' deter her! She started by jumping on a 5kg plate and by the end had progressed to 5x10kg plates+5kg plate, just shy of a 16inch box! The excitment and determination on her face was prciceless!
Iris went on to complete a 15min AMRAP:
- 20 KB Swings
- 20 Box Step Overs
- 30m Farmers Carry
and she didnt stop moving! The photo above is a sweaty hug after the workout. Thank you Iris for showing myself and everyone else in the class that barriers are made to be broken and that through determination and will power we can achieve new heights! (pun intended)