Member of the Month - Febuary - Richard Moss

Member of the Month - Febuary: Awarded to Richard Moss


A 'Member of the Month' is someone who has been recognised by our coaches for displaying many attributes that we here at CrossFit Urge strive to achieve.

Richard Moss (aka: Moss/Mossy/Big-M) has been chosen this month because of his commitment to training, positive outlooks on workouts and undisputed acceptance of any workout (including burpees and double unders).


Mossy has been commited to 5 days/week + up to 3 double days/week where he will come in to a 6am session and completes extras workouts often working on weaknesses. He has lost an impressive 11kg in a very short time!


Read below to get an insight into Mossy's journey at CrossFit Urge


1) How long have you been doing CrossFit for?

"Alright.... I've just been doing it for about 2 something years now."

2) What do you like most about CrossFit Urge

"I see the results of the hard work unlike when i was going to a standard gym."

3) What is your favourite movement?

"Push jerk or back squat"

  •  Mossy has a 205kg back squat and a 145kg Push Jerk

4)What is your least favourite movement?

" I dont have one"

5) What are your most memorable experiences at CrossFit Urge?

"Anytime i hit a PR...always good :)"


Mossy is a pleasure to train and always greats us with a smile, morning or night! Thank you moss for putting in all the hard work, you deserve the results!