Member of the Month - March - Jenny Lovett

A 'Member of the Month' is someone who has been recognised by our coaches for displaying many attributes that we here at CrossFit Urge strive to achieve.

Jenny Lovett has been chosen this month because of her continued devotion to her training despite challenging obsticles and injury. She suffered a back injury at work and has since been rehabilitating it through physiotheropy, mobility and continued scaled training.


Read below to capture an insight into Jenny's journey at CrossFit Urge



1. How Long Have you been doing CrossFit?


For 18 months. Most days this year. 



2. What do you like most about CrossFit?


Getting fit, losing weight and doing things I've never done before. 


3. What is your favourite movement?


Favorite at the moment would have to be push jerk, but im missing deads and squats.
  • Jenny loves push jerks or as she calls them, "the jumpy one". 


4. What is your ideal workout?


Anything I can finish in the allocated time. It's been hard with limited range of movements
  • Dispite limitations Jenny always gives her best in every workout!


5. What would be your most challenging workout?


Everything. It's all hard but rewarding.


6. What keeps you motivated?


For me, Crossfit is about weight loss and getting fit, which will always be a struggle for me; but the side benefits of doing things and lifting weights that I've never lifted before helps!! 


7. Most memorable experience at CrossFit Urge?


On February 13 doing my first strict push up ever, the other day another member, Alex noticed that in getting better with my push up, he noticed my first one too!! And all the help and encouragement that everyone gives.