Member of the Month - April - Naomi Brew


A 'Member of the Month' is someone who has been recognised by our coaches for displaying many attributes that we here at CrossFit Urge strive to achieve.

Naomi Brew has been chosen this month for a couple reasons.

Firstly she is always positive, always greating the coaches and other members with a smile.

Secondly she takes an active position in her progressions in all aspect of her training. She asks questions and implements the advice that is given to her. She follows up on the advice, knuckles down and puts the effort in.

Third, she organises her sessions around her busy shifts to make sure she always fits her session in every week. She never complains and always works to the very best of her ability. She is strong, kind, enthusiastic, motivational and funny! Thank you for being a great contribution to the URGE family!


Read below to capture an insight into Naomi's journey at CrossFit Urge


 1. How Long Have you been doing CrossFit?

- About 8 months 
2. What do you like most about CrossFit?
- The atmosphere, have never trained somewhere where I've felt so much support & made so many new friendships. 
3. What is your favourite movement?
- I thoroughly enjoy squatting!
*Naomi recently squatted an easy personal best of 100kg
4. What is your ideal workout?
- I currently am enjoying handstand push ups so maybe that and some squats.. And Posdibly a couple sit ups 
*Naomi is fairly new to handstand push ups, but I have found her before and after class spending time practising on her own. Good job!
5. What would be your most challenging workout?
- BURPEES..they are not fun. And anything else that's more then one movement that requires brain power and coordination like push jerks... 
6. What keeps you motivated?
- I think when I accomplish something that I've been working on, so getting results, makes all the hard work worthwhile! Also Matt and Paul are pretty motivating people! 
*Naomi is to kind of person (like mentioned above with handstand push ups) that will latch on to a new challenge and work hard at over coming it. Great inspiration for other members. All your results are well earnt.
7. Most memorable experience at CrossFit Urge?
7. Probably the first class I ever came to, i thought it would never end, i actually thought I was going to die, I'd never had a harder workout in my life.