3 Reasons to CrossFit

Now I probably have a biased view as a CrossFitter and CrossFit Affiliate owner, but it has also given me the benifit of seeing the positive impacts that CrossFit can have on peoples lives, young and old!

There’s no denying that CrossFit training can increase your strength, power, build cardio and vascular fitness, increase flexibility, coordination, balance etc etc. You just have to look at the top CrossFitters and their ability to fitness the fitness out of fitness! They’re strong, fast, endurant, coordinated, skillful, ripped, toned, defined and more! And how do they get like that??? By doing CrossFit!

But being a professional athlete and exercising for fitness is a bit different right? And the every day Joe probably doesnt have to do 50 pull ups in a row, deadlift 200+kg or handstand walk even 10m! But can we benifit from CrossFit, even though I might be a mother of 3, middle aged man, 60+ year old grandma or 15 year old school student? You bet you can! And here’s how…


#3 Reason: Work at your own ability, not above it!

CrossFit offers a program which by design can be addapted to suit anyones fitness level, ability, experience or restrictions. What does this mean??? Well let me give you an example:

Lets say Sam, a 40 year old school teacher has come in to try her first CrossFit class. Today we are doing some back squats, but she has never done them before. Does this mean that she should sit out, or do something else? of course not! The trainer will run her through the technique of an unweighted squat, get her comfortable and moving correctly and then, if Sam agrees, commence to add an unloaded bar. Sam isnt expected to squat 100+kg, but by starting at her own level, she can gradually increase load over time to her own ability under the constant guidance of her trainer, build confidence, strength and in no time I guarantee she’ll be out doing what she thought she could when she first came in.

This kind of scale or substitute can be used for any movement or exercise to ensure that anyone that comes into a CrossFit class is a part of the group, can exercise safely and leave happy.


#2 Reason: Group Training

CrossFit is a┬ácult┬ácommunity! We know each other, we support each other. When you dont turn up, we ask where you were! We’re a family away from home who always love new members.

Group training is a great way to stay motivated! It keeps you accountable, it makes you work harder and it makes it much, much more fun! Training with a group of friends is always going to be better than training by yourself day in and day out! When you’re not motivated or tired, you are far more likely to turn up knowing that you have people expecting you. Being a member of a CrossFit gym is meeting like minded friends that you can exercise with and achieve your goals faster!


#1 Reason: A Programmed Approach

Every CrossFit gym in the world follows a program of sorts. Some, given, are better than others and the quality of the program comes down the the quality of coaching and how it is delivered. CrossFit is, by definition, ‘Constantly Varied’. This means that it is always changing (not random). By exposing yourself to a broad range of fitness and exercise stimuli you can ensure that you address all aspects of fitness, stay balanced and stay interested. This program comes with your membership, FREE of charge and is delivered to you day in and day out. You could describe it as a personal training setting in a small group. So you get personal care, with the added benifits of group training. Its a win, win!

If you’re a member of a good CrossFit gym which has good trainers who are pationate, caring, experienced, knowledgable and patient then all you need to do is turn up and knuckle down. The coach will take you through the class – Warm up, strength, skills, workout, core/midline, extras, cool-down, stretching/mobility etc or whatever is programmed on the day. There are always eyes on, watching your form/technique, motivating and encouraging you to better yourself and reach your goals.