Brenden Purcell – May Member of the Month!

1. How Long Have you been doing CrossFit?

About a year and a half. Inconsistently up until recently!

Brenden has recently built his membership from 2/week to 5-6/week and has seen some awesome results. His initial motivation was an upcoming trip to hawaii with his finace’ (sorry ladies hes taken), but his goals and motivation to lift more and push harder in each and every workout has taken over and loves the feeling of finishing a workout and knowing he worked hard and gave it his all.

2. What do you like most about CrossFit?

The communal and encouraging atmosphere Matt and Paul have created.

Brenden is a great asset in creating a positive class environment. He is always sparking conversation with members and tells a great story!

3. What is your favourite movement?

I don’t really have a favourite. I am really enjoying Olympic lifts at the moment because they give you measurable results and I have been hitting a few PR’s.

Olympic lifting can sometimes feel like the ‘golf swing’ of crossfit (especially the snatch). Through continued, steady practise, focusing on correct movement you can break through those plateaus and reach new person bests.

4. What is your ideal workout?

Short time cap with a few box jumps and toes to bar.

Brendens a bit of a body weight ninja 😉

5. What would be your most challenging workout?

Any workout with handstand push ups

6. What keeps you motivated?

Having the satisfaction of achieving a desired goal and  also Jannah telling me that she won’t be getting married to me if she can lift more than me…

7. Most memorable experience at CrossFit Urge?

Within the first few weeks of starting to train at urge I went in for a back squat PR and ripped my pants open. I still haven’t really learnt my lesson and still  wear pants two sizes too small for me.

Wearing tight pants maks your legs look bigger anyway… #chickenlegs